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Innovative Branded Merchandise




The Blue Chip Creative Teams delivers innovative, sustainable branded merchandise that maximizes positive brand engagement for employees, marketing, and community outreach. 

We save our clients time and effort by providing the latest product trends and technologies that help elevate their brand image.

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Brand Support

Clients can receive a custom-designed branded product website, or one of our brand experts will work with you to deliver targeted merchandise and decoration solutions to help make your brand stand apart.

Sustainable Branded Merchandise with 
Value Added Technology

Take your brand to the next level of engagement by adding interactive technology like Sustainability Video Presentation Folders, Interactive Hologram Logos, Web-connected branded promotions, and eco-friendly biodegradable swag.

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Blue Chip NFC Web-Connected Mobile Technology connects your merchandise directly to your web information, launching mobile landing pages, videos, or social media on contact!

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Branded Merchandise Solutions

• Employee onboarding productive kits

​• Custom design creation support

• Interactive lead-capture branded solutions

• eCommerce eco-friendly company stores 

• Warehousing - Fulfillment - Kitting - Custom Packaging

• Custom apparel & uniform programs

• Interactive custom website stores

• Biodegradable promotional products 

• Interactive specialty packaging

• Interactive influencer mailers

• Rapid 20 Day Custom Importing

Let's work together to make your brand stand out! 

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