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Company Innovation Shops

Blue Chip Company Innovation Shops allow employees or consumers to shop for innovative sustainable custom-branded merchandise and outreach technology through a password-protected portal. Each shop is custom designed and configured to meet each organization's unique needs.
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Benefits of a Blue Chip Customized Brand Store


Select the products that fit your needs in the colors and features that match your brand standards. 


Employees or consumers can save time and effort by limiting product selections to only the latest 

top-quality branded merchandise, technology, and incentive gifts.


Product images can appear with your logo ready to show how the final product will look.


Admin controls are set for specific products viewed by each department.

Fundraising Pop Up  Event & Corporate Responsibility  Shops
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Incentive & Brand Shops
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Pharma & HIPAA Compliant Store Solutions
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Metaverse | 3D Shopping 

Keep employees and consumers engaged through interactive 360 websites, and group metaverse shops where users connect with your brand in immersive 3D interactive environments.

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 Corporate Governance | HR Engagement

Help promote your organization's brand and social values by providing employees or consumers with innovative interactive technologies and app-connected merchandise to help meet sustainability and community outreach goals.

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