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Event Innovation

Live & Hybrid Interactive Event Solutions

Our creative event teams combined live and hybrid experiences 

with groundbreaking AI-Enhanced interactive exhibits to boost attendance, increase positive brand visibility, and expand new exciting sponsorship opportunities

3 Holograms.png

"Your floating hologram made us the stars of the convention! Even competitors were asking us where we got them from.

A Million Thanks!!" 

Mollai Dolan


Marketing Communications Specialist

Novo Nordisk/

HR Director

Micheal Hakim

Trade show traffic tripled after using the new promotions

Consumer Electronics


Consumer Technology


Blue Chip Branding Solutions selected for 10 year multi-million

dollar sponsorship

contract gaining international notoriety

US Food Service

Supplier Relations/

Marketing Manager

S. Riley

By far the strongest promotion of any kind for the company…  requests are coming in daily requesting your products and services

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